PVC patches (rubber labels)

PVC patches, rubber labels, silicone labels, TPU labels

Silicone labels, also sometimes known as rubber labels, provider a harder and more durable alternative to woven labels.

Often used on outerwear or bags, they can also be used to reinforce brand identity, especially when used on the outside of garments.

By adding a sewing channel on the labels, they are easy to sew onto any product, just as easy as attaching a label of any type.

Our rubber labels provide a vibrant, eye-catching label for promoting your brand.

Ordering conditions:

  • Minimum ordering quantity: 1000 pieces
  • Production time: 10-12 working days
  • The price is primarily influenced by the following factors:
    • Label size
    • Number of colours
    • Ordered quantity (higher quantity = lower price)
  • Free design