Woven and printed ribbons

We produce high quality woven or printed ribbon can be used to promote your business and brand identity, package corporate items, or add quality branded neck trim to your garments.

If you are new to this industry, we give you expert advice on the look, format, colors, dimensions and types of weaving and printing that are needed to make your ribbons.

If you already have a your own designed ribbon, contact us to create the best conditions for your cooperation.

We offer competitive prices, quality and fast delivery.

Ordering conditions:

  • Minimum ordering quantity: 1000 m
  • Production time: 7-9 working days
  • The price is primarily influenced by the following factors:
    • Ribbon width
    • Number of colors built into the label (maximum 7)
    • Ordered quantity (higher quantity = lower price)
  • Free production of test samples